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Lawyers Advising Lawyers (“LAL”) is a free service offered to all members of The Florida Bar who may need advice in a specific area of law, procedure, or other legal issue. Currently, the program consists of over 300 attorney advisors who volunteer to assist other members of The Florida Bar in this program. Advice is offered in over 50 areas of law and procedure. Each LAL attorney advisor is required to have a minimum of five years of experience in their respective area of advice.

Why Lawyers Advising Lawyers
If you confront an issue in an area of law or procedure unfamiliar to you, the LAL program provides quick access to an attorney advisor who likely has the experience to help. A brief consultation with a LAL attorney advisor should assist you in deciding the best approach for resolving the legal issue you are confronting. Please note that the program is designed to supplement, rather than act as a substitute for the exercise of independent judgment by the attorney seeking assistance.
How Lawyers Advising Lawyers Works
Simple steps. Quick results.
Step 1


The inquiring attorney first identifies a legal issue that he or she needs advice. The inquiring attorney then contacts the LAL program to be matched with an attorney advisor.

Step 2


The inquiring attorney can be matched with an attorney advisor through use of this website, by email, or by phone (1-800-342-8060 ext. 5807). If the inquiring attorney chooses to use this website, he or she will be required to provide his or her bar number. Next, the inquiring attorney should select the relevant area of law or procedure for advice. An automatic referral will then be generated with the contact information of an attorney advisor registered with the LAL program who has knowledge of the area of law chosen by the inquiring attorney.

Step 3


Within 48 hours, the inquiring attorney should contact the attorney advisor by phone or email. Prior to discussing the specifics of any issue, the advisor attorney must perform a conflicts search. The inquiring attorney must identify all known adverse parties and opposing counsel and provide this information to the attorney advisor. If no potential conflicts appear, the inquiring attorney will then describe the issue(s) concisely and the attorney advisor will provide assistance.

Step 4


After a brief discussion with the attorney advisor, the inquiring attorney should exercise his/her own independent judgement to resolve the legal issue for his or her client.

Becoming an advisor is quick and easy. To enroll, simply click the “Become an Advisor” button above. You will be required to log into the Florida Bar’s website using your Florida Bar Identification Number and password. Next, check the box next to the areas in which you are willing to be contacted to provide advice. To finalize, please review the “Requirements of Advisor, Advisor Acknowledgement” and certify the information is true and correct by clicking on the “I Agree” button. You will be contacted from the Florida Bar when your contact information has been shared with an inquiring attorney.
To qualify, a LAL attorney advisor must have a minimum of five years of experience in their respective area(s) of advice and must be a member of the Florida Bar in good standing.
Attorneys in The Florida Bar
Attorney Advisors
Advice Areas of Law/Procedure
Lawyers Advising Lawyers Limitations
Volunteer Basis
LAL attorney advisors serve on a volunteer basis; an inquiring attorney should refrain from involving a LAL attorney advisor in a prolonged discussion.
Limited Liability
The Florida Bar and the Young Lawyers Division make no representations as to the knowledge or experience of any LAL attorney advisor. The Florida Bar, the Young Lawyers Division and the Lawyers Advising Lawyers attorney advisors disclaim any liability or responsibility regarding any inquiry made pursuant to the LAL program.
Formal Association
The LAL program does not contemplate and is not intended to create a formal association between the inquiring attorney and the LAL attorney advisor, or any attorney-client relationship between the LAL attorney advisor and the client. The inquiring attorney must ultimately exercise his/her own independent judgement on behalf of his/her client.
Advisor Practice Areas

Antitrust and/or Trade Regulation, Banking, Bankruptcy, Collections, Commercial Law and/or Creditors Rights, Construction Law, Consumer Credit, Contracts, Corporation, Employment Discrimination, Franchise, Garnishment and/or Repossession, Insurance, Labor Relations, Partnership, Patent Copyright Trademark, Pension Profit Sharing Employment Benefits ERISA, Securities (Non-Compete or Trade Secret, Cyber Law, Municipal Bond Law, Corporate)

Admiralty, Civil Rights, Elder Law, Entertainment and/or Sports, Immigration and/or Naturalization, International Law, Intellectual Property Law, Medicare and/or Medicaid, Tax Law

Probate, Trusts Estates Estate Planning, Wills

Admiralty, Civil Rights, Elder Law, Entertainment and/or Sports, Immigration and/or Naturalization, International Law, Intellectual Property Law, Medicare and/or Medicaid, Tax Law

DUI, Federal Procedure, State Procedure, Traffic Infractions

Adoption, Child Custody and/or Support, Dissolution of Marriage, Guardianship, Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile Dependency, Paternity

Bar Associations & Legal Organizations, Geography and/or Travel, Judges and/or The Judiciary, Legal Technology, Local Rules, TFB Discipline Grievance Procedure,

Defamation and/or Invasion of Privacy, Legal Malpractice and/or Ethics, Medical Malpractice, Negligence Plaintiff, Negligence Defendant, Products Liability

Appellate, Trial Commercial, Trial General, Trial Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

State, Municipal and/or County, Education

Condemnation, Condominium Law, Foreclosure, Landlord Tenant, Real Estate, Zoning

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